The mystery is solved

With Summer almost upon us, I decided to go ahead and turn the family air conditioner back on in our house.

I can’t begin to understand it when the temperature in the house is anywhere above seventy degrees and that’s when I run the cooling system from May all the way through November most of the time. However, you know, this time when I turned the air conditioner on, nothing happened. I went to the temperature control batteries and they were fantastic and so I started to do a little bit of sleuthing to try and figure out what the issue was. The cooling system vents felt to me like there was barely any air blowing through them at all. I started to guess that maybe there was something blocking the air vents however I couldn’t figure out what on earth it might be. I messed around with multiple of the air vent covers however I couldn’t actually find anything that was blocking them. Then I realized that 1 of the things that I hadn’t previously thought to check was the main cooling system device down in the basement. I went all the way downstairs to the furnace room where the cooling system and the furnace are installed and that’s when I realized what the problem was. I have a lot of cats and they all have easily long hair. The air filter was completely covered with and blocked up with 5 strange kinds of hair! There was no air getting through those air vents at all, so clearly it was no wonder that my air conditioner wasn’t working correctly.

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The cooling system grounding

When the two of us were growing up, my mom used to often punish my brother in an different way.

She didn’t ground him from the TV or his PC or even the usual family car. Instead, whenever my brother got into trouble, my mom would take the little window device air conditioner idea out of his study room for weeks at a time! During the middle of the hot summers in the city the two of us lived in while the two of us were currently growing up, that was the worst! He was always griping and complaining about the terrible fact that she took his cooling system device away whenever it happened, however at the time I would just smile and tell him that he should have known better than to get into any trouble. That used to make him so mad when I would say that, because I was a goody goody most of the time. I hardly ever got into trouble and so I never easily had to worry so much about my mom taking my air conditioner device out of my study room. My brother basically was always getting into trouble, though; During the summers whenever my mom would suddenly have his cooling system device in her closet because he was being punished, my brother would try to sneak into my room late at night so that he could sleep in the cooling system. It really used to drive myself and others deranged and he would beg myself and others not to tell our parents because it was against the rules for him to sleep in the air conditioner. Both of us tell my mom that she used to use cruel and irregular punishment on us.

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The employees need better

One of the things that all of my employees continually complain about is the temperature in the office.

It seems like no 1 is ever freaking happy and sometimes that gets to be easily annoying. Someone always thinks that it’s always too hot and someone else always thinks that it’s too chilly and I am just too goddamn busy most of the time to have to try and deal with all of the drama surrounding the stupid temperature control settings in the office. Once in a while, I will try to assign the task of being the temperature control controller to someone in the office, however that always ends up blowing up back in my face, usually the whole arena will end up with career drama and people being highly mad at each other all over the site. I guess that sometimes now working with adults in a modern office environment is just as terrible as now working with a bunch of spoiled children every day! But I do have to say that last year, even though it was a honestly hard year, my loyal employees all came through. They all made their quotas and the group of us came out with a better bottom line last year than the two of us do even when there isn’t a pandemic going on around us. I decided to reward my employees one day by having our commercial Heating & A/C company come in and install zone control heating and modern air conditioner throughout the entire office. Now they know I listen to them and take their concerns seriously. I hope that they are all happy with the brand new zone control heating and cooling idea that I chose for the office.

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The ductwork was a mess

Both of us had our HVAC duct and our entire central ventilation idea professionally cleaned out last year when so numerous people were entirely shut down because of the coronavirus.

Not only was my partner freaked out, obviously, because of the virus, however he also has disappointing seasonal symptoms to go along with that.

He was so scared about being unable to breathe that he was calling up the heating and cooling company just about every day to see if they suddenly had any tips or tricks for him to try and improve the air quality in our house. I told my partner many times that he was easily single-handedly keeping our local Heating & A/C company operable the whole time that the two of us were trying to self-isolate at home. It was as though he almost became obsessed with the air quality in the house and with our usual heating and cooling system. He had never been like this before, so it was odd for everyone to see him behaving this way. I guess all of the information and the fear mongering taking place on the news just started to freak him out a little. Either way, the two of us somehow ended up getting our HVAC duct and heating and cooling vents professionally cleaned several times by the Heating & A/C company. Both of us also had them come out and install a current whole loft air purification idea for us to run in tandem with the old furnace and the central air conditioner. I’m hoping that having all of this done will help him to calm down a little bit!


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It wasn’t the best look

When the two of us moved into our house last year, suddenly there were a lot of leftover lingering stinks from the previous occupants. The whole arena smelled like a mixture of chicken grease and cigarette smoke, so it evidently wasn’t a pleasant thing to try and breathe! Both of us thought that the arena would air out after a few terrible days of running the Heating & A/C idea and leaving the windows open at the same exact time, however the two of us were sadly mistaken. Instead of making it smell any better, it almost seemed to smell worse when the two of us had the heating and cooling idea up and going. It was like the smells just got stuck inside the HVAC duct and they kept simply going around and around in the house and unluckily, in our noses. After weeks, the two of us decided that the two of us were going to have to do something dire about the smell because the two of us couldn’t rest the challenge any longer. Both of us wanted to settle in and beginning enjoying our current home, so I called 1 of the local Heating & A/C companies to see if there was anything that they could possibly do for us to help. They recommended that the two of us get our HVAC duct and air registers completely professionally cleaned out. They also said that the two of us should look into finally getting a whole loft air purification idea installed to run at the same time as our entire heating and cooling system. They were right! The air purification idea did the trick.


It wasn’t the best look

The heating system isn’t quitting

There’s something going on with the heating idea in our family house and I can’t figure it out.

The heat turned on this morning and it’s been running on high power ever since.

I have never had an issue with our furnace idea before and so I’m easily starting to wonder if it’s easily an issue with the furnace or with the entire temperature control unit. Of course, I’m not exactly what you would call a handy sort of person, myself, and I don’t know a thing about heating and cooling systems. I only know right now that since I can’t get the furnace to stop running, I am about to burn up in my own freaking house. Even though it’s still pretty chilly outside around here, I have the windows carefully cracked in nearly every room of the house because the temperature is easily getting out of control inside. I know that this sounds like a deranged situation, and it certainly is. I have never had anything like this happen to myself and others before! Since it won’t stop running, the temperature inside the house is all the way up to 91 degrees, even though the temperature control settings are only at 70 degrees. I guess that something is stuck anywhere, however I have no goddamn idea of how to figure out what the problem is. Even though the last thing I want to do is spend extra cash on a heating and cooling company service bill, I know I’m going to have to give up and just call them. As it is right now, I’m just heating up the entire outdoors and clearly paying for it!


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We want to change things up

Both of us are right in the middle of expertly turning our garage into a loft gym. My partner and I have gotten easily interested in weight lifting over the past couple of years. This isn’t something that I literally never thought the two of us would begin doing, and then once the two of us started, it’s somehow like the two of us became addicted to it or something. Now, the two of us can’t even wait to get to the gym every day, however it’s getting more and more hard to make it there regularly with our conflicting schedules. Both of us decided that in order to easily save time and cash, the two of us would go ahead and try to make our own gym in our house. The both of us decided that the two of us would redo the garage so that the two of us could set up the gym out there. However, that was a problem with the garage heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Both of us had never easily planned on previously putting anything out there except the car and the sod mower, so there weren’t any heating ducts or cooling system ducts in the garage to work with. Both of us knew that if the two of us were easily going to be spending honestly much time now working out in the garage, we going to need to install some style of Heating & A/C. Both of us didn’t easily want to have to run HVAC duct out there and so the two of us talked to a local Heating & A/C professional about what our chances were. Now, with a ductless mini split, you can have heating and cooling without ever having to worry about getting an HVAC duct.

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Go ahead and fix it then

It’s not that he’s not a handy kind of human.

My partner doesn’t guess that getting a large central cooling system tune up is easily worth the cash that I spend on it every year. I would easily have to disagree with him, however I’m 1 of those people who prefers to do regular preventative service… Each year whenever the weather outside starts heating up, I simply call up our local Heating & A/C company and schedule an appointment for our regular air conditioner tune up, and then of course, every year, my partner gets super mad whenever I get the bill from the Heating & A/C company in the mail. He always persistently rants and raves about the fact that the air conditioner tune up costs too much and that he would be perfectly capable of now working on the air conditioner himself. Well, now, I like my partner, however I know for a fact that this person would never in a dozen years take it upon himself to get the central air conditioner tuned up and in working order before the Summer comes. It’s not that he’s not a handy kind of human. He’s perfectly capable of doing the cooling system tune up for us himself and easily doing fantastic work. However, if I waited around for him to do our air conditioner tune up, then it would be fall again before he got around to taking a look at the air conditioner. I think I’ll just call the usual HVAC repair shop and save ourselves a lot of time and effort to break the AC on our own this year.

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The man has a rep

I sometimes wonder how on this planet I got into the position that I’m in at the moment.

I met this guy at the Borders a few short weeks ago and the two of us easily seemed to hit it off.

Both of us have been dating for more than two weeks, and I just now found out that he’s easily a substantial guy around here in the modern Heating & A/C business. I know 1 of the reasons that he liked myself and others in the shop was because I wasn’t even aware of his prominent position in the hierarchy of local well known heating and cooling professionals in our area. He told myself and others that a lot of the time, these nearby women want to date him because he owns so numerous fireplace and central heating and cooling specialty stores. When he first told myself and others this, I laughed because I thought he was joking. It was like he was telling myself and others that he was the big boss in the mafia or something, but of course, it turns out that the Heating & A/C companies around here are dire about their customers and their profession, and my guy is therefore considered to be the fireplace king around here, and he doesn’t take that title lightly. You know, I have a weird life. I’m not sure if I want to stay involved with all of this, however I know that if I ever need a fireplace, he will have it covered.
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The weirdest wake I’ve been to

Last summer, the two of us somehow ended up having a honestly strange funeral back near the woods behind the family burn pile, and when our outdated air conditioner device finally died on us for the final time of its life, the two of us thought that the two of us would just have the cooling system device carefully hauled away by the trash guys, then however, my child just would not hear of this idea.

  • He said that our outdated a/c was like a part of the family.

He was proper in maintaining the fact that the cooling system device had been around for years longer than he, himself, had! As a matter of fact, this unique central air conditioner idea was original to the house. They had installed it with the furnace whenever the house was built, and that was almost thirty years before. I know it’s very true when they say that they don’t make things like they used to! That cooling system honestly lasted for at least a decade longer than it easily should have, honestly, and so as it finally stopped working while in 1 of the hottest parts of the summer, I was sad however I really can’t say that I was surprised. But my kid told us that he wanted to pay it some respect since it had worked for so long cooling our family off inside of our house. I could see his point, but I am not quite that romantic about these things, but both of us ended up having a funeral for the air conditioner unit.

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