We are always dealing with substitutions

There are also portable AC appliances that are overpriced and eat up a pretty large amount of energy

When a food item happens to be in short supply or not available in the least, the bunch of us turn to upgrades! Margarine for butter is a fairly well-known upgrade in baking. Artificial sweeteners are utilized when people need to cut back on sugar amounts. Dunkin Donuts Latte and Tim Hortons Latte can be good upgrades for each other depending on the drinker’s preference, however cost is another factor that drives people to various alternatives. If the price of beef is too costly then we commonly opt for pork or chicken or whatever is at a lower price. Some people even make the decision to become vegans. In athletic interests, some athletes have found fame and fortune being labeled as an upgrade. John Havlicek (1940-2019) is in the NBA Hall of Fame having played the role of 6th man for the Boston Celtics in the 60s and 70s. In our dwellings, if the electricity ends up going out, we certainly can upgrade a gas-powered generator for a while to keep our refrigerator and freezer working. A complete loss of electricity also means a loss of internet signal so we resort to using a DVD player as a substitution for YouTube if the laptop’s battery happens to be charged. There are other things in our dwellings such as antiques and heirlooms that definitely cannot be replaced in the least. Another thing with no upgrade is the cool and refreshing air that our central Heating and A/C appliances regularly supply. There are alternate ways of cooling and heating little areas such as a window AC appliance to replace a central AC system. There are also portable AC appliances that are overpriced and eat up a pretty large amount of energy. An old-fashioned fan will also supply some relief from the heat, but it can’t really compete with the Heating and A/C appliance that keeps the entire house cool. On a higher plane of thought, there is no upgrade for love either. That will be sorely inspected while in any lengthy Heating and A/C outage though.


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