The mystery is solved

With Summer almost upon us, I decided to go ahead and turn the family air conditioner back on in our house.

I can’t begin to understand it when the temperature in the house is anywhere above seventy degrees and that’s when I run the cooling system from May all the way through November most of the time. However, you know, this time when I turned the air conditioner on, nothing happened. I went to the temperature control batteries and they were fantastic and so I started to do a little bit of sleuthing to try and figure out what the issue was. The cooling system vents felt to me like there was barely any air blowing through them at all. I started to guess that maybe there was something blocking the air vents however I couldn’t figure out what on earth it might be. I messed around with multiple of the air vent covers however I couldn’t actually find anything that was blocking them. Then I realized that 1 of the things that I hadn’t previously thought to check was the main cooling system device down in the basement. I went all the way downstairs to the furnace room where the cooling system and the furnace are installed and that’s when I realized what the problem was. I have a lot of cats and they all have easily long hair. The air filter was completely covered with and blocked up with 5 strange kinds of hair! There was no air getting through those air vents at all, so clearly it was no wonder that my air conditioner wasn’t working correctly.

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