The man has a rep

I sometimes wonder how on this planet I got into the position that I’m in at the moment.

I met this guy at the Borders a few short weeks ago and the two of us easily seemed to hit it off.

Both of us have been dating for more than two weeks, and I just now found out that he’s easily a substantial guy around here in the modern Heating & A/C business. I know 1 of the reasons that he liked myself and others in the shop was because I wasn’t even aware of his prominent position in the hierarchy of local well known heating and cooling professionals in our area. He told myself and others that a lot of the time, these nearby women want to date him because he owns so numerous fireplace and central heating and cooling specialty stores. When he first told myself and others this, I laughed because I thought he was joking. It was like he was telling myself and others that he was the big boss in the mafia or something, but of course, it turns out that the Heating & A/C companies around here are dire about their customers and their profession, and my guy is therefore considered to be the fireplace king around here, and he doesn’t take that title lightly. You know, I have a weird life. I’m not sure if I want to stay involved with all of this, however I know that if I ever need a fireplace, he will have it covered.
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