The employees need better

One of the things that all of my employees continually complain about is the temperature in the office.

It seems like no 1 is ever freaking happy and sometimes that gets to be easily annoying. Someone always thinks that it’s always too hot and someone else always thinks that it’s too chilly and I am just too goddamn busy most of the time to have to try and deal with all of the drama surrounding the stupid temperature control settings in the office. Once in a while, I will try to assign the task of being the temperature control controller to someone in the office, however that always ends up blowing up back in my face, usually the whole arena will end up with career drama and people being highly mad at each other all over the site. I guess that sometimes now working with adults in a modern office environment is just as terrible as now working with a bunch of spoiled children every day! But I do have to say that last year, even though it was a honestly hard year, my loyal employees all came through. They all made their quotas and the group of us came out with a better bottom line last year than the two of us do even when there isn’t a pandemic going on around us. I decided to reward my employees one day by having our commercial Heating & A/C company come in and install zone control heating and modern air conditioner throughout the entire office. Now they know I listen to them and take their concerns seriously. I hope that they are all happy with the brand new zone control heating and cooling idea that I chose for the office.

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