The ductwork was a mess

Both of us had our HVAC duct and our entire central ventilation idea professionally cleaned out last year when so numerous people were entirely shut down because of the coronavirus.

Not only was my partner freaked out, obviously, because of the virus, however he also has disappointing seasonal symptoms to go along with that.

He was so scared about being unable to breathe that he was calling up the heating and cooling company just about every day to see if they suddenly had any tips or tricks for him to try and improve the air quality in our house. I told my partner many times that he was easily single-handedly keeping our local Heating & A/C company operable the whole time that the two of us were trying to self-isolate at home. It was as though he almost became obsessed with the air quality in the house and with our usual heating and cooling system. He had never been like this before, so it was odd for everyone to see him behaving this way. I guess all of the information and the fear mongering taking place on the news just started to freak him out a little. Either way, the two of us somehow ended up getting our HVAC duct and heating and cooling vents professionally cleaned several times by the Heating & A/C company. Both of us also had them come out and install a current whole loft air purification idea for us to run in tandem with the old furnace and the central air conditioner. I’m hoping that having all of this done will help him to calm down a little bit!


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