The cooling system grounding

When the two of us were growing up, my mom used to often punish my brother in an different way.

She didn’t ground him from the TV or his PC or even the usual family car. Instead, whenever my brother got into trouble, my mom would take the little window device air conditioner idea out of his study room for weeks at a time! During the middle of the hot summers in the city the two of us lived in while the two of us were currently growing up, that was the worst! He was always griping and complaining about the terrible fact that she took his cooling system device away whenever it happened, however at the time I would just smile and tell him that he should have known better than to get into any trouble. That used to make him so mad when I would say that, because I was a goody goody most of the time. I hardly ever got into trouble and so I never easily had to worry so much about my mom taking my air conditioner device out of my study room. My brother basically was always getting into trouble, though; During the summers whenever my mom would suddenly have his cooling system device in her closet because he was being punished, my brother would try to sneak into my room late at night so that he could sleep in the cooling system. It really used to drive myself and others deranged and he would beg myself and others not to tell our parents because it was against the rules for him to sleep in the air conditioner. Both of us tell my mom that she used to use cruel and irregular punishment on us.

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