Some prefer slow, some prefer fast

My husband and I both care about cooking and whoever has had the least stressful day will most often take charge of preparing supper! This is also the source of our most terrible arguments.

  • He prefers to minimize cooking time while I can spend many hours with my slow-cooking ways.

When he cooks, the two of us typically have hamburgers, fish, stir fry, or a hastily made salad. When I cook, the two of us have wonderful roasts, stews, or slow-cooked sauces for pasta items. Our arguments often happen when he tries to quickly cook items that are better when cooked slowly. There was a time when I caught him trying to fast cook a beef brisket on the barbeque! Another point of conflict between us is our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance. We both work so he actually thinks it is better to turn the systems off while the two of us are away. I care about leaving it running so the two of us don’t have to face a frigid house in the nippy season or a stifling hot dwelling after a long day at work. I work outside for the course of the day, so I look forward to relief when I come back to the dwelling. With his office work, my husband does not mind a little amount of time with discomfort waiting for the dwelling to reach a comfortable temperature. At first, I had to entirely give in to his preference because it is way too expensive to keep the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance working all day. An A/C appliance definitely is more efficient running at full blast, so it is honestly best to crank it up after the two of us get back to the dwelling than to let it work through the day at a lower speed. Our arguments about cooking will most likely never be resolved, however next month we will be getting a programmable temperature control component that will automatically turn our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance on approximately an hour before the two of us arrive back at our dwelling each day. And yes, I’m still anxious over that brisket.

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