Slow versus Fast

My wife and I both like to cook and whoever has had the least stressful day will usually take charge of preparing dinner.

This is also the source of our most heated arguments.

She prefers to minimize cooking time while I can spend hours with my slow-cooking methods. When she cooks, we have hamburgers, fish, stir fry, or a hastily made salad. When I cook, we have roasts, stews, or slow-cooked sauces for pasta. Our arguments occur when she tries to fast cook items that are better when cooked slowly. I once caught her trying to fast cook a beef brisket on the barbeque. Another point of contention between us is our HVAC system. We both work so she believes it is better to turn the systems off while we are away. I prefer to leave it running so we don’t have to face a frigid house in winter or a stifling hot house after a long day at work. I work outside all day, so I look forward to instant relief when I come home. With her office job, my wife doesn’t mind a few hours of discomfort waiting for the house to reach a comfortable temperature. At first, I had to give in to her preference because it costs too much to keep the HVAC on all day. An AC system is more efficient running at full blast, so it is better to crank it up after we get home than to let it run all day at a lower speed. Our arguments about cooking will likely never be resolved, but next week we plan to install a programmable thermostat that will automatically turn our HVAC system on an hour or two before we arrive home each day. And yes, I’m still upset over that brisket.
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