Running your ceiling fan versus using your HVAC

My mom loved keeping our home’s indoor environment in great condition! She bought all the indoor heating and cooling appliances to make us comfortable as we spend time indoors, these appliances included a complete HVAC system and a ceiling fan.

  • She would simultaneously run all of these appliances or follow a particular pattern depending on her desired cooling and heating needs.

I did not understand her reasons as a child, although I enjoyed her efforts by spending more time indoors. I enjoyed spending time in the home office playing video games and doing university work. Over time, I learned that what my mom did to air condition our home was the right way to do things. This was subconscious reading that later saw me install an HVAC system and a ceiling fan in my home. I also run the several systems like my dad used to run them at home. I did this for a while until I invited my friends to my location. They questioned my HVAC choices. One of my friends wondered why I had an HVAC system and a ceiling fan in my home, while others wondered why I ran the several simultaneously. Their curiosity made me question my HVAC biases for the first time. I researched the consequences, benefits, and disadvantages of running a ceiling fan and an HVAC system simultaneously, and I was surprised by my findings, then you can run both systems simultaneously. The ceiling fan will heat or cool your body faster as you await the HVAC equipment to heat or cool your home.
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