How does your blow-in insulation help your air conditioner?

Blow-in insulation is also referred to as loose-fill insulation.

It is a type of attic insulation made from loose fibers spread on your attic floor. Blow-in insulation is also available in either fiberglass or cellulose. Cellulose options are created from recycled paper products such as discarded newsprint, cardboard, and paperboard. It is then treated to resist fire. Incorporate a tube running from the end of your industrial blower on the ground up to the attic. The insulation feeds into your blower using an installer, and another installer regulates the business end of the tubing. The blow-in insulation benefits your air conditioning system in several different ways. First, they work in conjunction with your AC to keep your home cool. Since your blow-in insulation will be helping to keep your indoor temperature stable all around, your air conditioning system won’t have to work in overdrive to keep your home cool throughout the summer. When your unit works too hard to achieve your desired temperature, it causes premature wear and tear to your system and further reduces its lifespan as your system can completely break down. Blow-in insulation will prevent your system from wearing down, saving you money from hefty repair bills. Another benefit that blow-in insulation will bring to your air conditioning unit is performance enhancement. An efficiently performing AC will save you money from your energy bills. In fact, having an attic that is completely insulated in your home can lower your utility costs by up to 30%.

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