Fans stopped working for me

Contrary to popular belief, you can use ceiling fans for both cooling and heating your body, then unlike heating and A/C systems, ceiling fans do not heat a home.

Instead, they create a wind-chill effect by moving air in your condo to cool your body.

It heats your body by circulating hot air. Essentially, the lighter hot air rises, leaving the cold air at the bottom, and when you run your ceiling fan in winter, it pushes the hot air from the top level of your home to the lower levels to heat your body. When you combine a ceiling fan with a heating and A/C system, you achieve your heating and cooling needs quicker. The ceiling fan delivers instant heat and cooling effects to your body while the heating and A/C method adjusts your home’s indoor temperature to reach your ideal temperature. I used this logic in my home, and it worked fantastic until I had my first child. Before then, I was oblivious to the low light produced by the fan. I was also not aware of the noise it produces as it moves air in my indoor space. The noise, in particular, distracted my child from sleep. Additionally, the fan was difficult to clean. It was sited high in my double wall house, for starters, which made it difficult for me to reach it for cleaning. To clean the blades, I needed to make a cleaning component that could reach the top and bottom of the blades. I also had to use a ladder to reach the ceiling fan for cleaning. It felt like a lot of work. I consulted an heating and A/C serviceman who recommended that I uninstall the ceiling fans and upgrade my new heating and A/C method to a mini-split system. She also recommended me to zone my home to ensure every room receives an adequate air conditioner.

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