Binary and Non-Binary

I felt great pride when I figured out what a binary numbering system is.

  • Computers use it and it makes a lot of sense because it simplifies everything down to two choices.

Things are either on or off or given a value of zero or one. When you do a simple task of counting, zero is zero, one is one, two becomes 01, three becomes 10, four becomes 11, five becomes 101, and so on. With complex problems, the computer plays an expanded version of “20 questions” answering many questions with a no or yes to calculate the answer. It would indeed be a boring world if everything was a binary system. Rainbows would be a black stripe against a white sky. There would be no “door number three” on game shows unless they renamed it as door number 10. Those in the LBGTQ+ community would be out of luck because the many gender identification labels would revert to the original two. Thankfully, unlike humans who engage in an almost infinite number of non-binary activities, there is HVAC with its binary purposes of heating and cooling our indoor environments. To keep those HVAC units running at top efficiency several yes or no questions must be answered. Do HVAC filters need to be replaced frequently? The answer is yes. If an HVAC system does not undergo regular cleaning and maintenance, will it eventually break down? Again, the answer is yes. One question has an emphatic no answer. That question is: Should I perform HVAC repairs as a DIY project? If you do, it could result in another big no answer when you file a claim against a warranty that has been voided by your reluctance to use a qualified HVAC technician to service your binary HVAC unit.


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