When my brother died, his ex wife took everything from the house

My brother was sick with cancer for several years before he finally died. He didn’t want anyone to see him suffer, so he alienated himself away from all of the family. He rarely talked to anyone and he didn’t answer the phone or text messages. Once a month, I drove over to the house to check on him. The last time I went to see my brother, he didn’t look very good. I thought it might be the last time that I tell my brother how much I love him so I used the time wisely. Sure enough, it was the last time I saw my brother or spoke to him. He died three days after I went to visit. When my brother died, his ex-wife came to the house and took everything. She took a safe with money, guns, and documents. She took all of his furniture and sold his car the same day. I assume that the will was inside of the safe. The ex wife claimed that my brother left everything to her in his dying breath. We didn’t have any way to prove otherwise, so we had to hire a lawyer to settle the dispute. The probate lawyer took months to hash everything out and we spent a fortune trying to resolve the matter. The only person who won is the lawyer. He got paid out of the life insurance settlement. My brother was a great guy and I hope that he is resting peacefully. I think about him everyday and no amount of money will make me feel better.


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