Talking about HVAC with friends

A lot of my friends know that I work in the HVAC industry.

Sometimes they will call me and ask me questions about their air conditioners.

Last week I had a colleague of mine call me regarding the air conditioner in his truck. I tried to explain to him that I am not a mechanic nor am I an AC technician, but I could probably find him a good AC technician in the area. I got out my cell phone and started calling around. I was able to locate AC technicians within a 5 mile radius for my friend. I remembered a few years back one of my colleagues talking to me about the AC in his truck going out. I actually called that person and I asked him where he got his AC fixed in his truck. He was able to explain to me where he got the AC fixed in his truck. I passed this information along to my colleague and he was able to get the AC in his truck repaired quickly and did not have to pay that much money to do so. When I tell people I work in the HVAC industry they always ask me for help with their air conditioners or their heaters. I don’t know much about HVAC but I do know a lot of people in the industry that can help them. I feel like being a good resource is almost as good as being a great HVAC technician.


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