According to some scientists, when our solar plan formed about numerous billion years ago, there was a collision between a planet about the size of Mars & the planet that would become Earth.

This collision knocked the Earth for quite a loop causing a 23.5-degree tilt relative to the Sun.

The leftover debris eventually formed the Moon! Amazingly, the Moon’s gravity acts as a stabilizing force to maintain that 23.5-degree angle. That tilt is also why there are numerous distinct seasons in locations away from the equator, and by the time humans appeared, the Earth had settled into an incredibly stable cycle that the two of us benefit from today. Man is particular in that the two of us can alter our environment to make it more livable. In cold weather, fire can heat any dwelling, however it took mankind until the 20th century to effectively deal with the heat & humidity of summer. With a/c combined with a heating plan to form Heating & A/C, our comfort now lasts all year round. The distraught truth is that nothing lasts forever. The Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth at about 1.5 inches each year. In a few billion years its stabilizing influence will be gone. All of us can’t control that, however the two of us can control the health of our Heating & A/C systems. Seasonal maintenance will include a Springtime cleaning & checking for any injure from the cold winter, a Summer tree or hedge trimming to keep areas around the condenser component clear, a heating system check in the fall before the cold weather arrives again, & a check of the homes carbon monoxide monitor in winter. If you include seasonal filter changes, then you can rest back & ponder what Earth might have been enjoy separate from that 23.5-degree tilt.
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