Organizing the retirement party of our veteran HVAC tech

My mentor, my friend, and my inspiration were retiring. I had known Mr. James for over a decade now and he had been very instrumental in helping me grow in my career. He was always willing to help and guide the new recruits on the best ways to handle customers, especially irate ones. He was the most dedicated person I ever met. He also loved his job. Now Mr. James is retiring and after all the impact he had on our lives, we need to give him a lovely retirement party. His cake was shaped like a geo heat pump and we also made a collage of him with different customers. I remember this lady that we had visited with Mr. James to check on her central heating. She was an elderly sweet lady but she knew very little about heating and air conditioning units especially the latest ones like the ductless HVAC. She had complained that her old electric heating system had stopped working. Sure enough, the old thing had just come to its end. So we requested a new heating unit from the heating corp and the oil heater came with a wireless thermostat that the lady had no idea how to operate. Mr. James was very patient in teaching her how to operate the device after the boiler installation was completed. Mr. James also offered to do the first session of furnace/heater tune-up for free and also provided the lady with simple energy saving help tips to help her keep her energy bills low. Mr. James was more than a wise HVAC tech, he was a mentor and more like a father figure to many. We enjoyed the party and had surprised him with a new oil heater as a retirement gift.

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