My neighbor had way too many cats

My next door neighbor called me the other day to see if I would come over and help her out with her air conditioning system.

She said that she thought that the A/C was broken but she didn’t want to call the HVAC company unless she absolutely had to and so she called me first.

She’s an elderly widow, and I always try to help her out whenever I can. Sometimes I’ll take the trash down for her or clean out her gutters or stuff like that. I always tell her to call me if she needs anything and so I wasn’t really all that surprised when she asked me to come and take a look at her air conditioning system for her. I went down into the basement, and once again I noticed that it was hard to get down the stairs because I kept tripping over cats. This lady has more cats than anyone that I’ve ever met! I stepped on one’s tail and it screeched super loud and ran back up the stairs. I shook my head and made my way down to the furnace room downstairs where the HVAC system was. When I turned on the light, I honestly couldn’t believe what I saw. There had to be a dozen cats in the furnace room, and they were crawling all over everything. It grossed me out, to be honest. When I checked the air filter in the air conditioning unit, I saw exactly what the problem was. There wasn’t a problem with the air conditioning system. The air filter for the A/C was just completely clogged up with cat hair!

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