I ground my son from using the air conditioning

My son loves his air conditioning more than just about anything. When I realized this last year, I started thinking that I could use it to my advantage to help with disciplining him! I love this kid, but he gets into so much trouble at school that sometimes I don’t even know what to do with him. He doesn’t really mind if I take away his phone or his car or computer, because he’s kind of a loner anyway. He likes staying home, and so I can’t really ground him from going to friends’ houses or parties or things like that. The one thing that I did know that he really liked was the window unit air conditioning unit that we got him to put up in his upstairs bedroom a few years ago. Before that, he was constantly complaining that the central air conditioning in the rest of the house just wasn’t doing the job upstairs in his corner bedroom. I guess since heat rises and he’s up at the top of the house, the A/C just wasn’t powerful enough to keep his room cooled off in the middle of the summer. Well, once I realized that the one thing that he would miss the most was his air conditioning, that’s what I took away from him the very next time that he got into trouble at school. He came home to find that his A/C and the remote control for it were no longer in his room. Instead, they were locked in my bedroom closet and he was grounded from his A/C until he got his act together and started acting more responsible.

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