HVAC technician early to appointment

Everyone has been in a situation where they at work early or late to an appointment.

In some instances these things are out of our control.

If it’s your job to meet people at a certain time, you should have good time management skills and be able to communicate if you are going to be late. This was not the case for my last HVAC appointment. The HVAC technician I was working with was early and I was not at the place I was supposed to be. If I would’ve known that he was going to get there earlier, I would have been able to make my early morning appointment. The HVAC technician should have called me when he knew he was going to be an hour early. I know that it is not in his control what other people do, but I just wish I would’ve known the HVAC technician was going to be early. Unfortunately I did miss my early morning meeting, But it wasn’t really that big of a deal because it wasn’t that important. I am just happy that my HVAC system is running smoothly and then I don’t have to wait around for an appointment any longer.

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