Getting new HVAC and house on the market

I hate to admit that I was sort of scared to go home and tell my wife that my company was wanting me to move. She had been so patient for a decade while we moved all over for my career. With the last move, we started a family and started putting down roots in the community. I didn’t want to tell her that the HVAC upgrade we had been wanting to make was coming sooner so we could get the house on the market. But, I decided that this was not a me decision or a company edict. My wife and I would decide whether it was best to take the promotion or stay put and deal with the consequences. We were sitting at the kitchen table under the HVAC vent when I told her about what the company wanted from me. I plainly told my wife that I would turn it down if she wasn’t on board. She didn’t even blink before saying that she was ready to move. I was a bit stunned and was even sweating a bit even though the air conditioning was on. Her response really caught me off guard. So from there, it was calling the HVAC people to get the HVAC equipment upgrade underway. A new, quality heating and air system was vital to being sure that we were able to get the sort of price we hoped to get. The HVAC contractor was great about getting the HVAC project fast tracked. And we were able to get our house on the market withing the month.


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