Coming together to help with neighbor’s HVAC situation

It’s gotten so that I have had to change my whole waking up routine these days.

There is so much animosity and negativity in our country that I can’t even read the news.

Used to be that I would get up and watch the news on TV. That got so bad that I had to start only reading the news. Now I can’t even sit in the air conditioning of my house and read the news. It seems like we all just are getting more and more divided with every passing day. I hate that because I love to feel kinship with my countrymen whether we agree over politics or not. But thankfully, a recent HVAC equipment replacement situation soothed my soul a bit. I live in a relatively small town. And my local community sort of looks in on each other. There is a neighbor down the road who is older and alone. She is living on a very fixed income and has no margin for error. It became evident to me and some other neighbors that her air conditioning was not running. Where we live, that can just be dangerous as the heat is the major climate challenge around here. So we got together with a local HVAC provider to see what we could do to help this lady. We didn’t want to embarrass her so we got our ducks in a row first. The neighbors collected enough money to replace her outdated HVAC equipment. The HVAC company we worked with said they would donate the labor for the installation. When we told her, she was so moved as were the rest of us. Just goes to show that there is more that unites us than divides us.


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