Air purification really changed things for us

I didn’t realize how much a simple HVAC equipment upgrade could effect our lives.

And I’m not talking about putting in a whole new HVAC system.

We have quality heating and air in our home. But what we didn’t have was good indoor air quality. This was something that we had wanted to change for quite some time. But, we really didn’t pull the trigger for the longest time. The whole thing with the indoor air started several years ago. My wife and I were sick to death with the smell in our home. The indoor air always had echos of pet odors, cooking odors and various other ugly smells. This had a lot to do with the fact that our home is sealed up tight in order to keep as much of the air conditioning we need on the inside. The HVAC cooling runs pretty much 8 months of the year. So it’s not like we could simply open a window for fresh air. We called the HVAC company about this situation. And they suggested air purification. However at the time, our finances were quite tight and we just needed to use that money elsewhere in our budget. So the air purifier was put on hold. Well that all changed when the pandemic hit. Suddenly, the entire family was together inside the HVAC together. Then we learned just how important quality indoor air can be to immune, respiratory and overall health. That led us to call the HVAC company again and have them come out to install the whole home air purification system we had wanted all along. And we couldn’t be happier with the fresh, crisp, wonderful smelling air that is the result of air purification.
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