When we moved in, it still smelled like smoke

When we moved into our house, it still smelled like smoke in here.

The people who owned the place before us were smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and you could really tell it in the house.

It smelled just terrible. We repainted everything, even the ceilings, and we also tore out the old carpet and put in new carpet. Yet even with all of those upgrades, the house still had a lingering smell of smoke. We noticed that the smell got worse whenever the eating or the cooling system was running and so we figured that the odor particles were somehow still inside the ventilation system or the HVAC unit itself. We called up one of the local HVAC companies to see if they had any advice for us so that we would be able to live in this house without being uncomfortable. The HVAC technician that I spoke with said that he would start out with getting the air ducts professionally cleaned out. He said that having clean air ducts and heating and cooling vents would probably help with getting rid of the smell, but that he also suggested that we get something called a whole home air purification system. He said that most people have really great results with improving their indoor air quality if they use a whole home air purification system, especially if it’s a UV light air purification system. I told him to sign us up right then! I am just sick and tired of this stale, smoky smell in the house and I want it gone.



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