The heating system in the office is torn up

Something is really wrong with the heating system in our office.

It’s been stuck in the on position for hours now and it’s still showing no sign that it’s going to be stopping anytime soon. I don’t know what they are going to do about it, but it is so hot in here that I feel like I’m inside of a furnace or something. People are walking around sweating, and even though the weather outside is really cold, employees are going outside to take their breaks to get out of the high temperatures inside the building. I overheard one of the maintenance guys when they were walking around looking at the thermostats. He said that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the thermostat units in the building and so there must be something going on with the heating system itself. I guess that the maintenance guys who work in the office on a regular basis aren’t HVAC certified and so they have to call and make an appointment with the commercial HVAC company to have them come to the building to get things repaired. I honestly don’t know if the employees are going to be able to make it inside of the building until then. We aren’t even able to open the windows because they are fixed windows like you usually see in office buildings. They aren’t made to be opened and so we are all sitting in here like cookies in an oven! Hopefully, the commercial HVAC company will be able to get here soon and fix this problem.
HVAC repairman