Tell me more about the UV light system.

I had been hearing a lot about air purification systems over the last few years.

It seemed that once the pandemic began, you were hearing even more.

I laughingly told my husband that it seemed like the HVAC companies may have invented the pandemic. With all the other conspiracy theories about the pandemic, I thought this may be a viable one. The HVAC companies were making a bundle of money just from people I knew personally. They were purchasing air purification systems to help keep the Covid-19 virus out of their homes. I knew Covid-19 was a real threat to our health and I took it seriously. I just couldn’t sit around and complain all the time. I had kids that needed to be taken care of and if I were to panic, they would also. I would have never made it through the year. Unlike friends and family, I just didn’t want to let the HVAC technician into my home to install an air purifier. I was, however, very interested in what it was and how it worked. I had heard how the air purification system not only helped to eliminate the virus cells, but it also helped with asthma, allergies, and other contaminants that are in your air. Living in the south, I always worry about mold and mildew. I was told that when you have the UV light system, the many germs, bacteria, viruses and spores, are killed even before they get into the air. This I was interested in getting more information about. I called the HVAC company so I could get all the information they had on air purification and the UV light system.



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