I like to eat candy when I’m working.

When I’m working, I always have a large jar of hard candy sitting on my desk.

If I am at a location, I will have a bag or pocket full of hard candy.

I never realized what bad habit this was until I realized one day that I was surrounded by candy wrappers. This habit of heating candy came up when I quit smoking. I had just made a career change and gone from working in an office, to being an HVAC technician. I knew I couldn’t be smoking in people’s houses, it wasn’t safe to smoke around HVAC equipment, and I was having breathing problems. The doctor told me I should try sucking on a hard candy when I felt the urge to smoke. After just two months, I had gained twenty pounds and spent almost as much on candy as I did on cigarettes. I decided to throw myself into my job, thinking it would distract me from wanting to smoke, but I still took my candy with me. I enjoyed being an HVAC technician much more than I ever liked any other job. I took as many hours as the HVAC company would allow me to have. One afternoon I ran out of candy and I felt like a mad man. I wasn’t sure if I was going to complete the furnace servicing that I was doing. I needed another piece of candy like I had once needed a cigarette. A little girl offered me a piece of bubble gum. I soon found out that gum was easier than candy, and it lasted longer. I saved money, lost weight, and I’m loving my job as an HVAC tech.

Cooling technician