Am I the only one who doesn’t know what a boiler is?

I was talking to my HVAC technician and I was asking him what type of fuel I should use for a heating source.

He told me that he used a boiler instead of a furnace.

I felt a bit dumb asking him what a boiler was, so I went along with him and told him I would have to take that into consideration. Instead of asking him, I began to ask friends and family what a boiler system was. My brother just looked at me like I was stupid. He told me that the boiler was old fashioned and they probably didn’t even sell them anymore. I should just go with a regular furnace. My cousin told me that the boiler was more trouble than it was worth, but no one was telling me what the boiler system was. I finally talked to my dad. He told me that a boiler system heated water. The hot water flowed through pipes and heated the house. It was like the radiators we had in the old house. Instead of the large radiators, he had baseboard heaters and the heat flowed out onto the flooring. It was the original radiant heated flooring. Now I understood. I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn’t know what a boiler system was, but apparently neither did most of my family. I liked the idea of a boiler system. Dad said it takes much less maintenance, works more efficiently, and the typical boiler will last as much as forty years or more. A normal furnace will only last about twenty years. I finally felt like I could make a decision on my heating.


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