Talking about Heating plus Air Conditioning with friends

A lot of our friends guess that I work in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry.

Occasionally they will call myself and others and ask myself and others questions about their air conditioners! Last week I had a colleague of mine call myself and others regarding the air conditioner in his truck.

I tried to explain to him that I am not a mechanic nor am I an A/C serviceman, even though I could undoubtedly find him a nice A/C serviceman in the area. I got out our cell iPhone and started calling around. I was able to locate A/C servicemans within a 5 mile radius for our friend. I remembered a few years back a single of our colleagues talking to myself and others about the A/C in his truck going out. I undoubtedly called that guy and I asked him where he got his A/C fixed in his truck; He was able to explain to myself and others where he got the A/C fixed in his truck. I passed this information along to our colleague and he was able to get the A/C in his truck repaired hastily and did not have to pay that much cash to do so. When I tell people I work in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry they consistently ask myself and others for help with their air conditioners or their heaters. I don’t guess much about Heating plus Air Conditioning even though I do guess a lot of people in the industry that can help them. I feel love being a nice resource is almost as nice as being a fantastic Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman.

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