Periodically I wonder if it’s worth the currency

Periodically I find myself wondering if paying for an a/c tune up every single year is worth the currency… I mean, I like using our a/c in the summertime just like everyone else does… But then again, I absolutely don’t like having to pay bills that come in the mail from our local heating and cooling supplier.

I feel I’m just one of those people who would absolutely like to be able to get something for nothing most of the time… Of course, that’s not how it works in real life, and I guess deep down that if I want to have quality air conditioner all summer time long, then I’m going to have to pay for it in some way, shape, or form.

I feel our dilemma is the fact that I don’t guess if I should pay up front by having our local HVAC supplier come out and do the a/c maintenance work for myself and others every couple of months or if I should just gamble on the opportunity that nothing will go wrong with our a/c. If I do it that way, I will save currency on the air conditioner tune ups, although I will be running the risk that something might go wrong during the summer. I feel it would really be our fortune that the repairs that I would end up with would cost a fortune! That’s usually how things go for me! Even though I do wonder occasionally if it’s worth the currency to do the a/c maintenance, I will really keep having it done.

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