My buddy had way too many cats

My next door buddy called myself and others the other day to see if I would come over and help her out with her … She said that she thought that the was broken however she didn’t want to call the HVAC company unless she easily had to and so she called myself and others first.

  • She’s an elderly widow, and I regularly try to help her out whenever I can.

Sometimes I’ll take the trash down for her or wash out her gutters or stuff like that. I regularly tell her to call myself and others if she needs anything and so I wasn’t actually all that surprised when she asked myself and others to come and take a look at her for her. I went down into the basement, and once again I noticed that it was difficult to get down the stairs because I kept tripping over cats. This lady has more cats than anyone that I’ve ever met! I stepped on one’s tail and it screeched super loud and ran back up the stairs. I shook our head and made our way down to the oil furnace room downstairs where the HVAC system was. When I turned on the light, I genuinely couldn’t guess what I saw. There had to be a dozen cats in the oil furnace room, and they were crawling all over everything. It grossed myself and others out, to be honest. When I checked the air filter in the air conditioner unit, I saw exactly what the concern was. There wasn’t a concern with the The air filter for the was just completely clogged up with cat hair!

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