I’m the only one who rewards people with air conditioner

Out of all of the other company owners that I know, I am the only one who tends to reward our employees by many odd means, i know that even though all the people would regularly rather have cold, difficult currency as bonuses, sometimes people want to think like you’re being a little bit more personal when you are rewarding them, and that’s why, this past year when our employees met their quotas, I decided to do something a little bit odd for them.

  • Both of us had been having a whole lot of trouble with the heating and cooling system in our office building and I knew that over the summer, everyone had just been miserable.

The high hot and cold temperatures outside coupled with the air conditioner that was going on the blink every other day made the office a pretty hard locale to work, and well, I had the greatest idea ever when I decided to take the currency that I would have given out with their paychecks and turn it into better air quality for the whole entire office. I think confident that everyone will be happier all the way around when they find out that I used the bonus currency to put in a brand modern high tech for the office. They might not even realize how great it is going to be until next summer, however I know for sure that when the weather starts heating up again next year, they will like the modern for sure! I think like I’m actually the greatest boss on the face of the earth!

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