Scary experience when the HVAC tech almost died repairing my system

My component had been behaving weirdly the whole of fall.

I had done minor complicationshooting on it but it would get better for a day then go back to its previous bad state. It was making peculiar noises plus I had noticed that the quality of indoor comfort was not the same. Boiler upgrade had been done over a decade ago plus I knew it was time to get a new heating unit. I had just been postponing the call to the heating corp. I paid for this delay a week into Winter when the electric heating plan stalled plus shut down just as I was settling down to start working. I switched to my oil heating system plus space heating system for my HVAC needs as I waited for the HVAC tech. It was unfortunate that these units did not use a wireless temperature control as I had to keep decreasing the temperature until I got the perfect 1. When the experts came, they went ahead to dig up the earth where the geo heat pump was to be placed. Since it had rained heavily the previous night, there was a landslide plus all I heard from the kitchen was a loud scream. One of the servicemen had fallen inside the hole but he was not completely buried. He only sustained minor cuts plus bruises. He refused to call an ambulance plus insisted he was fine. They proceeded to install the component plus even gave a pamphlet of energy saving help tips plus a schedule for the first oil furnace/heater tune-up. I assume the serviceman was shaken up plus so was I. However, I was blissful that they had done a fantastic task plus that the injuries on the young man were not as serious.
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