Wishing I had an AC on the beach

One of our favorite things is going to the beach.

I prefer sitting on the beach and studying a book while the waves crash and the sunshine’s on me.

in the region where I live the weather can be easily easily warm in the summer; Going to the beach is a nice way to cool off; Jumping in the ocean is a nice way to recognize refreshed and cool in those warm summer time mornings… Sometimes, the two of us will bring an entire set up and have a full beach day, but one thing that I wish I could bring to the beach that I never will be able to bring to the beach is an air conditioner. If there were A way to bring a portable AC component to the beach I would be the first person to buy 1. I’ve tried to bring portable fans to the beach however it’s not really the same when there’s just warm air circulating around you. If I could bring an AC component to the beach I would be so ecstatic. Think about all the time you could spend at the beach if you were able to bring an AC component with you. Think about the babies and all the other little kids that would recognize cool and comfortable at the beach while their parents loved the outdoors and a break from life, then when I go to the beach I usually bring an umbrella for shade. While umbrellas with shade are great for me, I think it would be nice if the two of us had the option to have air conditioner on the beach. I understand this is not really a realistic system however having an air conditioner on the beach would really just make the beach that much better.


a/c worker