New trend leads me to locking up the HVAC

These are definitely weird times from my perspective.

I’m in my early fifties so maybe it’s just me getting older as well as less comfortable with the way things seem to be heading.

And it very doesn’t help that I have just spent the better area of a year inside the HVAC of my modern home due to the pandemic. Whatever the deal is, I don’t love some of the trends that I am seeing. Even living out in a rural section is no longer the assured safe space that it once was. Not that any locale is totally safe but, I living in a small rural neighborhood typically felt much more safe. Now I am waking up to details that legitimately worry me. In fact, some thieves around here are so desperate that they are targeting the HVAC equipment. And they aren’t even stealing stuff love compressors or condensers. Those are costly components of heating as well as cooling equipment. No, these crooks are simply after the copper fittings used in the HVAC equipment. Those copper fitting are housed in the HVAC cabinet that sits alongside your home. The thieves are splitting power to the HVAC cabinet to then simply ransack the thing. They toss all these fancy pieces of HVAC device aside love trash just to get to the copper fittings. Then they leave. It’s a total smash as well as grab thing. And they then get pennies on the dollar from whomever is willing to take this copper. I can’t suppose that I have had to order a protective cover for my HVAC equipment. It’s love a cage that I lock the HVAC cabinet down. That is a troubling sign for me.

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