Was not looking to get special treatment from my father

All of the people at my place of work are getting upset because my dad schedules me for all of the simple repair jobs.

I know my dad is attempting to be a nice guy, however it is only making it more challenging for me to get along with the other employees at work.

On the first afternoon that I started work, my dad made this sizable speech about being proud that his kid was joining him in the family owned business. Honestly, I wanted my dad to keep our relationship a secret, but he refused. He actually said he wasn’t going to hide his pride for me, even if the other workers got jealous or miserable… Lately, my dad has been scheduling me for all of the straightforward repair jobs and the other workers are getting frustrated. I totally understand, however I don’t control the weekly schedule. I would be glad to labor on a boiler repair or an all afternoon Heating and A/C device installation job. I don’t mind in the slightest getting dirty or spending all afternoon in the heat. I told my dad to quit giving me all the simple labor and he told me that he can do whatever he pleases with his business. Eventually, he wants me to take over when he retires. He is honestly making that virtually impossible. The people around here have zero respect for me as a coworker. They will never listen to a word I say as their boss. I seriously wish my father would listen to me when I voice my concerns. It’s only going to get worse and I don’t have the desire to quit and find another job.


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