The repair guy was an hour late for the tune-up

My wife and I scheduled a tune up for our HVAC unit. It’s an important part of caring for the furnace and the AC. The weather has been getting warmer and more humid. Now is the best time to service the HVAC unit, instead of waiting for the temperatures to get hotter and hotter. The appointment was supposed to be Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. My wife took the day off work so she could be at the house when the repair technician arrived to complete the work. We had a nice breakfast together that morning. My wife made a hot meal since she was home all day. She made fresh biscuits and gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs and fresh cut fruit. My stomach was full by the time I was ready to leave for work. Everything tasted so good that I didn’t want to leave a morsel on my plate. I left for work after breakfast and my wife waited for the repair technician to come. At 30 minutes past ten, my wife called me at work to double check the time for the appointment. When I confirmed the time, she decided to call the repair service. The HVAC company was busy with calls, and our guy was running late from the previous job. The manager promised that someone would be there as soon as possible. The repair guy didn’t show up until almost noon. Thankfully, my wife didn’t have any other chores or errands to run on that day. It wasn’t a big deal to wait for the tune-up service professional.
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