The best possible air conditioning service

I worked hard my whole life, then I got one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, and I took it at just the right time.

  • My company sold for twice what I thought it was actually worth, and I was able to retire very early, with enough money to live comfortably and never work again.

The first thing I did was go after my lifelong dream with every bit of effort I had put into my business — I wanted the world’s best comic book collection. I bought a small warehouse, and upgraded their industrial grade HVAC system for a bigger one usually used for shopping malls. I started buying out entire comic book stores, thousands of books at a time, and bringing them back to my air conditioned “fortress of solitude” to organize and read them. I ended up calling the local HVAC company so much they set me up with a monthly deal that works for everyone. I basically need the climate control system to be on, and working well, all the time, 24/7, which means problems come up a lot. Now I will have an HVAC tech stop by for a quick service inspection once every week, for preventative care. They will still be on-call if there is an emergency, which happened a few times, but with more preventative care there should be fewer HVAC problems on the back end. I don’t need problems, I need a pitch perfect air conditioner, to give my comics the highest possible air quality, to keep them in pitch perfect condition..

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