My partner had the HVAC installed while I was away

My partner and I decided to buy a ductless air conditioning appliance from the flea market.

The entire system was complete and the box was still sealed from the factory… I didn’t actually intend on buying a ductless air conditioning appliance that afternoon, but my partner and I were looking for a way to cool the garage.

I planned to buy a window air conditioning appliance, but the ductless system looked amazing and it was definitely priced to sell. I told my partner that I would install the ductless air conditioning appliance, but I ran out of time that weekend. I was tied up the following weekend and last weekend I had to go out of town for work. My partner honestly was tired of waiting for me to install a ductless air conditioning appliance, so he called a local dealer. When I came back to my dwelling from the airport after my weekend of work, I was stunned to see the ductless air conditioning appliance installed in the garage. At first, I was aggravated and irritated that my partner spent money on the replacement job. After I saw that task was finished though, I realized that I was entirely ecstatic not to be forced to take care of the project. I truthfully planned to install the ductless HVAC appliance the following weekend, but my partner beat me to the punch. He was genuinely tired of waiting and I cannot blame the man for getting it done. The ductless air conditioning appliance works fantastic and it cools the garage super well. I’m ecstatic that we finally have cool air in our place… Now we are able to turn the room into an outdoor entertaining section with AC.

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