My husband dropped a space heater on his foot

My husband and I were working on cleaning out the attic in the garage last weekend.

We thought that since the weather was heating up after a long, cold winter, we would take advantage of the warmer temperatures and try to clean out the attic.

We had big plans of getting the whole attic cleaned out, sorted, and organized that day, but of course nothing ever seems like it goes to plan when it comes to us. We wanted to get all of the heating and cooling materials cleaned and sorted out before the summer started, because at that point, we had fans and heaters and air filters and a couple of window unit air conditioning systems stored literally all over the house. We wanted to consolidate all of it into one area so that it would be easier for us to find and put to use if we needed it. Well, we were doing pretty well up until the time that we brought down the window unit air conditioning unit that we use in the upstairs bedroom. At that point, we were starting to get hot and irritated with each other because we were working so hard. We were hot and sweaty and thinking that we might need to just take a break from the job when it happened. My husband had gone up the ladder to grab one more thing to bring down the stairs when he tripped and ended up dropping a big space heater right on his foot. Needless to say, we didn’t finish the attic cleaning job!
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