Shouldn’t let associate work on our cooling system

My central air conditioning quit while in the middle of a lunch party last summer, then it was toward the end of June, and we’d had an especially tepid season, then the outdoor temperature was in the low nineties with high humidity and not a hint of a breeze! My partner and I invited a few of our neighbors over for the night.

To make sure everyone would think cool and comfortable, I’d lowered the temperature control by many degrees, when the cooling system failed, the apartment heated up entirely suddenly.

I checked the temperature control and tried decreasing the batteries. My partner checked the breaker and substituted the air filter… Other than that, neither 1 of us had a clue how to fix it! Every one of us aren’t handy people. Every one of us figured it was worth paying extra and calling for emergency repair from a professional Heating and A/C business. Every one of us didn’t want our guests to be uncomfortable or live without air conditioning for the whole weekend. My 1 associate then gave to go get her tools and take a look inside the cooling unit, and she seemed entirely confident that she could handle the repairs. Hoping to save ourselves some time, money and aggravation, our partner and I agreed. Our associate spent the next many minutes taking apart the cooling unit. She removed a bunch of parts and made a lot of noise. It eventually became obvious that she had no system what she was doing. When she put the cooling system back together again, there were left over parts. The cooling system wouldn’t beginning up. Every one of us finally called for emergency repairs and ended up paying a much larger bill due to all of our neighbor’s assistance. He’d managed to bend fan blades, cut belts and cause all sorts of complications that needed to be fixed.

a/c worker