How do you install an HVAC system in your storage room?

When it’s time to install a new heating and cooling system in your storage room, you must know what to expect.

The HVAC installation process for storage rooms typically takes a whole day if several certified HVAC technicians work inside and outside your home.

However, it can take longer than a day if you do it yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing a new heating and cooling system in your storage room. First, calculate heating and cooling loads. According to the Department of Energy, three million new HVAC systems are installed annually in the United States. The first step to a successful installation is to calculate loads of heating and cooling for your storage room. This calculation takes to account the storage room’s size, age, location, and construction materials. It also takes into account the number of levels, windows, and doors. Not only that, nearby trees and the amount of direct sunlight your storage room receives are also considered. Second, update or install new ducts. Since most HVAC systems utilize air ducts to distribute warm or cool air to the desired space, your new HVAC system may need updates to old, leaky ducts. This process requires drilling new holes in floors, walls, or ceilings. Ductless systems require 2 to 3- inch holes through your storage room wall to link the duct between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The third step is to select your HVAC equipment’s location, preferably a flat concrete pad, then connect your ducts to your HVAC unit and wire them to your thermostat. After that, connect your condensate, charge the refrigerant, and install the air filter. The HVAC installation process can be complex. Get an HVAC technician to install it for you.

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