The results from the inspection were just as I expected

My wife and I have an older house, however both of us have never experienced troubles with tepid and freezing spots in the home until just recently. The back kitchen where our wife has her office is usually actually sizzling and cozy. Hardly any of afternoons ago, it hastily became a freezing area. It seems love actually little heat is coming to the room. There are no other troubles around the home with freezing and drafty spots. I thought the concern might be the air duct, although I decided to call the heating company to get an expert opinion. A professional from the heating company agreed with our opinion. When she went into the attic to check on the air duct above the kitchen, she found the problem. The sealing tape around the air duct was no longer sticking to the metal and more than half of the air in the air duct was escaping instead of answering that kitchen. The woman also found a couple of additional areas in the attic that needed to be repaired. The air duct was In horrible shape and the heating professional proposed that it was time to think about replacing all of the sheet metal. The bid for that task is quite serious and our wife and I genuinely do not have the money to spend money for modern air duct now. Both of us got a lot of the concern areas fixed including the section above the kitchen. The rest of the repairs will have to wait until our wife and I receive another stimulus payment from the government. Both of us used the last 1 to fix the car. I think the next 1 will fix the air duct.

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