My brother’s yacht gets extremely humid in the cabin area

My brother and I took boating lessons together when we were in elementary school.

  • We spent three summers going to the marina and learning how to operate and steer these miniature sailboats.

They typically only fit one or two people at most, and they’re perfect teaching beginners how to pilot and steer a marine vessel. Although I had a lot of fun at boating camp with my brother, I lost interest when I started learning guitar at the age of 13. My brother on the other hand did not. He ended up joining a sailing club soon after we finished our final year of boating camp. I was surprised by his huge interest in the sport, but it never diminished. He was in the rowing club in high school and went to college on a sports scholarship. I should have expected to see him with a yacht at 35 years old, but it’s not the easiest accomplishment for people who aren’t moderately wealthy. He takes care of it himself and takes it out more than once a week. I like going on the yacht with him, but I don’t like being constantly wet. Whether you’re on the deck above or in the cabin below, you can’t escape the foreboding humidity. He has to run a dehumidifier in the cabin area to prevent the fabric materials in the furniture from getting moldy. Mold has already been a constant issue for him as he’s using his yacht more often than many others at the same marina. As long as he keeps the dehumidifier running in the cabin, it stays dry enough to prevent further mold growth.

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