I love having a roommate who is a heating and cooling technician

I hit it off well from the start with my first college roommate. The housing department at our college did a good job placing the two of us together, in part because our personalities meshed really well. We are both introverts, listen to the same music, like the same films, and eat a lot of the same food too. On several occasions we’d go to campus parties together after class, or simply hang out in our dorm room playing his Xbox that he brought from home that year. Unfortunately, my second college roommate wasn’t nearly as friendly, nor did we share many similarities or common interests. He also had a habit of partying with friends late at night in our shared communal space while I was trying to sleep in my room. It was hectic to say the least. When I moved in with a group of guys after I finished school, there was always a back and forth on boundaries, shared financial responsibilities, and basic decorum. That’s why I’m so surprised by how well I get along with my current roommate. We even like much of the same foods and shop at almost all of the same stores. One of the best parts about having him as a roommate is the fact that he’s a heating and cooling technician. He buys the best air filters available and does all of the HVAC maintenance himself. I never have to worry about a broken air conditioner or furnace as long as I still live with him. It’s going to be unfortunate when we part ways in the future, but for now I’m just enjoying the benefits of living with a heating and cooling professional.

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