Adding HVAC to my shed

I am going to need to get HVAC installed in my outdoor shed.

When I first bought my place I figured my shed was good to workout in.

So there was plywood on one wall. Who cares if there is no insulation? So the windows were old, no big deal. Well in the wintertime it was just awful with how cold it was. I eventually ripped down the walls and ceiling to add insulation. I replaced the windows with brand new. I figured if the shed was airtight I could get away with no heating and air conditioning. Nope, I was still freezing cold. I then tried to get by with a small space heater. In order to workout in the winter I needed to wear long pants, a jacket and gloves with the space heater on. If I thought to preheat an hour before my workout, I could eventually take off gloves and jacket. It wasn’t exactly warm in there though. Once summer hit I knew that window AC wouldn’t do the trick. I was tired of never being the right temperature. I finally just bit the bullet and called my local HVAC business. I told them to install a ductless mini split and charge what they wanted. The initial cost was pretty darn high. The unit is super expensive, but the HVAC install rate wasn’t. I have thought about it this way too. If I had to pay to workout in a temperature controlled space everyday, how much would I pay? I thought I would be willing to pay around 10-15 a day, which would pay for the unit in a little over a year. So that helps when I think about it that way.