I find clumps of animal hair inside my air conditioner filter

I have consistently been primarily a dog guy when it comes to household pets.

When I was growing up, my family had three dogs as our only pets.

One was a German shepherd, another was a golden retriever, and the second was a black lab. As I got older and they passed away, my family got more dogs instead of fish, cats, or reptiles. Although I wanted a pet rabbit at some point, my parents consistently stuck with dogs. It should have been no surprise to me or anyone else that I would turn out to be a dog lover. I used to relish the times I’d go over to my friend’s beach house in high school to watch him play video games. He consistently had delicious food and many cuddly dogs that loved my attention. My associate played video games while I played with his dogs. Right now I have a small pug, however my bestie who is moving in with me right now has a cat. It’s not that I don’t care about cats, I just don’t have much experience with them and their behavior confuses me to this afternoon. His animal doesn’t care about me nearly as much as I hoped it would, and worst of all I’m finding lots of animal hair inside my air conditioner filters when I go to replace them. It’s not care about I don’t already change my Heating, Ventilation & A/C filters officially, however it seems care about they’re getting dirtier faster now that my bestie has his animal over here. I don’t believe why my dog doesn’t shed nearly as much as his cat, however that’s what I’ve been observing. Hopefully I can eventually make peace with this creature, however for now I just have to keep replacing my a/c filters with greater frequency.

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