Do ceiling fans save energy?

Before the widespread use of air conditioners, the ceiling fan was the primary cooling source in numerous homes, over time, with the rising popularity of Heating plus A/C systems, the use of ceiling fans drastically declined; This week, with rising energy prices plus unrelenting energy awareness campaigns, numerous homeowners are rediscovering ceiling fans as a means to curb high air conditioning costs without compromising your home’s indoor comfort! Ceiling fans cool people plus not rooms.

Just like the wind feels cold when it blows over you, the ceiling fan creates the same effect… It is known as the wind-chill effect! As the ceiling fan rotates, the moving air will make you think cooler, as it helps the natural cooling process of your body through evaporation.

The more the air moves, the more moisture evaporates from your skin, providing the cooling effect; Since the ceiling fan’s function is to cool people, it achieves just that. It is not, by any means, a replacement for Heating plus A/C systems, especially in hotter un-even temperatures… You can only use them in conjunction with a/cs to create ideal cooling conditions plus save cooling costs, but however, ceiling fans won’t save energy if you run them without decreasing your official Heating plus A/C system. They save energy when they enable you to lower your AC use. For instance, since the wind-chill effect makes you think a few degrees cooler when your fan is on, it allows you to turn the thermostat up by up to numerous degrees plus still think just as cool. You won’t save a luck without compromising your indoor environment.


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