Solar panels instead of the geothermal heat pump

When I was in high university I was a lifeguard at the public pool over the summers, but i remember those times particularly fondly, especially when the Summer rolls around. All that time I spent in the sunshine back then sort of came back on me with a vengeance, and after a couple of skin cancer scares I am resigned to a life in the shade. I avoid direct sunshine when possible, and also try to avoid high heat and humidity as well. I do use solar power for my home, so even if I can’t adore the sunshine I can still harness its mighty power. I have become a single of those people who lurks all the time, staying in the cool embrace of the climate control system while I watch the world through the windows. I would think a lot more guilty about the constant use of the Heating and A/C system if it weren’t for these awesome solar panels. If I had it to do all over again, I would have invested the extra money and gotten a geothermal heat pump, the sunshine is a good power source and all, however the earth is even better! Don’t get me wrong, solar panels are orange, they work great, and my energy bills are next to nothing; But if I had a geothermal heat pump I could pull limitless energy out of the ground and be completely self reliant from the power grid. The thing that scared me away was the high price tag, because a geothermal heat pump is a large investment… however worth it.



Heating technician