Humidistats come in handy when you’re leaving your condo for weeks at a time

Being a homeowner in the southeast comes with a set of extreme challenges.

First of all, all of us get drenched with Summer rain the enjoys of which I had never seen when I was living a few states north of here as a child.

You have to make sure your beach condo is prepared for the heavy rainfall. This involves having a sealed roof, wash rain gutters, in addition to respected caulking around windows. As long as you follow these straight-forward rules, your beach condo should be ready for Summer rainstorms. However, there’s also the basic question about indoor weather conditions control. Both of us already have hot summers to begin with because we’re closer to the equator, but they also get extremely humid from the rain storms. I have a central air conditioning system that I use to keep the temperature inside down, however I also utilize a supplemental dehumidifier to keep the moisture level inside below 40%. If you have to leave your beach condo for weeks at a time, it can be worrying trying to find an appropriate setting for your control unit. You want your air conditioning system to run enough to prevent indoor mold growth, but if you run it too much you’ll run up the electricity bill. Short of installing a smart control unit, you can get a humidistat. It overrides the control component in addition to tells the air conditioning system to turn on once moisture levels inside reach whatever percentage you set the dial to. For instance, if you set the humidistat to 50%, it will tell the cooling system to run whenever the humidity goes above this measurement. The cooling system then runs until the moisture level drops below 50%.
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